Monday, 9 January 2012

A letter from Alan Wyllie

Hi all,

Its came to my attention that there has been accusations that the PoliticsUK - Politician of the Year was "rigged". Rest assured, we will investigate these claims vigorously.

PoliticsUK has set up a team of independent advisors who will investigate this claim. We ask that if you do have any information please email  PoliticsUK via email at

PoliticsUK is build from a foundation of honesty and respect. We shall be honest with any finding of our investigation and respect the spirit of our relationship with our readers.


Alan Wyllie
PoliticsUK Multimedia

9/1/12 January 9th 2012


  1. All I know Alun is that the poll was sent out by Clear to a lot of people including myself. The only way I can see it being rigged as such is if they were the only ones to do this and as such the people it was sent to would have undoubtedly voted for PR. Obviously if more cannabis people saw it then PR would get more votes.

  2. Andy,
    Natural virality of the poll is totally fine. I was aware of the link on the Clear webpage and that is ok in my eyes.

    Even before this was done, Peter was already way in the lead.

  3. i can say this for sure that the award was not rigged as members of clear including myself campained as hard as possible for this as we seen this as a great press relations chance. im not a loyal supporter of peter reynolds. but i will say that there are those with an agenda